24th Composite Truck Company

Historically known as the

24th Transportation Company

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Save these Dates

21July17 - 22July17


Agenda 24th Trans Co Reunion

Friday – Saturday 21-22 July 2017


Agenda 24th Trans Co Reunion

Friday – Saturday 21-22 July 2017


Moon Lake Pavilion


    • We will have food to grill, the FRG is bringing side dishes and desserts – but feel free to bring something to share!


  • On post Candlewood Suites They are providing the leisure rate as they have in the past. This year it is $82.00/studio, $87.00/2 Queens, $92.00/Suite plus tax

  • 6956 Jackson Ave, Ft Riley, KS 66442 (785) 560-3080

Entrance to the Post -

Anyone entering Fort Riley, who appears to be over the age of 16, is required to

show a valid DOD ID Card, Riley Access Pass or Riley Access Badge. Visitors

without a DOD ID card who wish to enter Fort Riley NEED a temporary Fort Riley Access Pass or Badge.


To get your pass go to the Visitor Control Center (Bldg 885)

  • Mon-Fri: 5:00 a.m.- 11:00 p.m., Sat-Sun and Federal Holidays: 7:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m

  • Located just prior to the Henry Gate Access Control Point (Exit 301, U.S. Interstate Highway 70). For more information on recent changes click here.

What you need.

You will need your driver’s license. Driver’s licenses from Minnesota, Missouri,

Montana and Maine.
Require secondary ID. Acceptable secondary forms of

identification include:

  • • U.S. passport

  • • Permanent resident card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form 1-551)

  • • Foreign passport with a temporary I-551 stamp or visa

  • • An employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)

  • • School ID containing the photograph, name and expiration date (for minors only)

  • • Birth certificate or document with full name and date of birth

  • • Vehicle registration with name and address (must match address on non-compliant driver’s license)

  • • Department of Veterans Affairs ID card

  • • Native American Tribal Photo ID

  • • Utility bill showing the person’s name and address of principal residence (must match address on non-compliant driver’s license)

    24th Transportation Company

    2017 Reunion Fort Riley, KS

    21 – 23 July

    Heat Advisory for the weekend. We will have a few extra table and chairs and pop-up canopies at the pavilion - but bring umbrellas/canopy and lawn chairs to help provide shade and comfort. Please drink lots of water Friday and Sat am! We will have bottled water available at the pavilion.





    Friday 21 July

    1200 -1700 hrs


    All – for picnic headcount

    24th Trans CTC HQ

    8023 Apennines Drive

    Suite C

    Fort Riley, KS 66442

    Look for 24th CTC (H) sign

    1800 hrs


    (please RSVP for a head count)

    Hidden Corral
    11660 Smokey Ln
    Grandview Plaza, 66441
    (785) 210-1555

    Saturday 22 July

    0800 – UTC (estimated 10:30)

    Motor Pool Tour (static display)

    Alumni & Family

    24th Trans Co MP

    8340 Wells Street

    Fort Riley, KS 66442

    0900 – 1130 hrs

    Picnic Set-up

    Picnic Task Force
    (alumni and anyone that wants to assist!)

    Moon Lake Pavilion #2

    Food provided by 24th Trans Alumni and the 24th FRG.

    1130 – 1530 hrs



    1130 – 1530 hrs

    Games, kayak/canoe, etc

    1200 – 1300 hrs


    1330 -1400 hrs

    Welcome Introduce /Guest Speaker

    Renee MacDonald

    COL Broomhead

    1400-1415 hrs

    Thank you and Raffles

    Renee MacDonald

    1415 – 1530 hrs

    Games, kayak/canoe, etc


    1530 – 1630 hrs


    Clean-up (anyone that wants to assist!)

    1800 hrs


    (please RSVP for a head count)

    Coach's Grill & Bar
    720 Caroline Ave, Junction City, KS 66441
    (785) 238-5522



This is not an official US Army webpage.  It's a ".net" not a ".mil." It is an effort by Veterans of the 24th Transportation Company to show the accomplishments of an Army Unit that we proudly belong to now or belonged to in the past. It was first activated as a "Negro Unit" in the Quartermaster Corp on 25 July 1942 at Camp Gruber, OK.  In this website, we want to show our visitors, the pride we have as present and former members of an outstanding combat support and sustainment element of the US Army. We serve and have served with honor every day by giving 100% effort. Our Unit's tradition is to accomplish whatever mission has ever been entrusted to us. The Freedom that we enjoy as Americans has never been free; it has been paid for by the sweat and blood of its military. Please enjoy your visit with us and may God Bless the USA.

 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One)


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24th TC Bricks were added to the Transportation Museum in Ft. Eustis, VA


For all the latest news search in Facebook, for 24th Transportation Company-Ft. Riley KS
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If you want to be a soldier in the Transportation Corps, see your local Army Recruiter. You can find him at


Rafael Morales  US 51582859

24th TC 1966