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2012_reunion__MSG_Jackson_sign_in__1log_command_patch.JPGMSG Paul Jackson

I want to take the time to thank all of you that came to the reunion.
It was a good day and the weather was awesome. Thank you former members of the 24th  for starting this. I think it is a great thing and maybe more people will come in the years  to come. I enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to seeing you all again. Truck.



  Past 1SG Marie Harris

I had a great time! The reunion was one of the highlights of my life!
Thanks to everyone for making it a success.
Love and cheers to all! Marie 2012_reunion_1sgt_sign_in.JPG



Ronald Dunlap Jr.

My 24th Wall at my house has the 2012 Reunion Picture presented to me by the FRG leaders of 24th and signed by 24th Trans soldiers and comrades and family members and what a special day it is now that the picture is now home and in its place. This is something that I will never forget 24th Trans Co and thanks to all of you as each and every one of you all and this company holds a special place in my heart forever. God Speed to all of you from ole broken down Retread!!



2012_reunion__sign_in_jon_connors.JPGJon Connors
Very happy to have been at this years reunion. My wife and I were able to talk to some of the 24th's new troops, meet with some of my old friends, along with some of the guy's who came before me.
Gina and I would like to thank SP4 Torres for talking with us and explaining the newer trucks and equipment. We hope to see everyone at next years reunion.

2012_reunion__awards_MANN..JPGIt was a great event. The 24th Transportation company is a very special unit. Soldiers in that unit now, need to know what a wonderful organization it is. It would be awesome if the current chain of command could make some room on the training schedule and have each of you talk about the unit. It is possible they can make that happen. Maybe even schedule a unit organizational day around the reunion time.

1SG Mann is now assigned to CASCOM at Fort Lee, Va.
He is a soldier's soldier who wil be sorely missed by all of us.

1SG Marie Harris signing in
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Is that pajamas he's wearing? I must be getting old.
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