Thank you to everyone who came to the reunion today. Great event. I owe an apology to the reunion committee for not given props and thank you for everything they did. Thus event would not have been so successful without the full support of the committee especially the veterans. Thank you!

From the Webmaster:  No apologies needed, you and the first shirt were really and truly terrific hosts and obviously you put in a lot of hard work into this reunion. Thanks for the memories.

Today I had the honor to spend time with Soldiers that served in my unit in Vietnam thru Saudi Arabia. Some I served with in Somalia and Iraq. I look forward to seeing every one of you next time. Ol Retread you are definitely where the rubber meets the road. Thanks a million. Truckmasters!!! King of the Road !!!!

What I witnessed today at the reunion was true leadership on display. The entire planning committee did an exceptional job. The support from the active duty members of the 24th was superb. Special thanks to Cpt Smay and 1SGT McKine for their support. Having had a chance to talk to several soldiers today, I was impressed at their knowledge level and would encourage them to think twice before they walk away from the Army. I enlisted and set my goal at 20 years. I have now been retired for 18 years and that retirement check is an absolute comfort to my family. Retread, I truly believe that there is nothing that you could do if you had your health back. Thank you for a great time. Hat's off to all who attended, especially the Nam era vet's. Hope to see all next year. Ivan, Murphy, Jones, and Renee it was great to walk down memory lane with each of you.

Maj Jim Jones

Had the unique pleasure to attend the 24th Trans Co. reunion at Ft Riley this past weekend, and am honored to be part of the units storied past and humbled by the dedication and sacrifices made by the current members of the 24th Trans. I was fortunate to meet some of the older members and reconnect with members of my old platoon and my old commander (CPT Miller) and 1SG Stoneking. Ron and Ivan and Marty and Gabe all made me feel so honored to have been a part of their careers for even such a short time; life-long friendships and memories are what I have now and will look back on. I also want to thank everyone involved in putting on this reunion, their hard work and attention to detail. I look forward to attending many more of these and hope some of our other veterans can make it in the future as well. Thanks again for a wonderful time.