24th TC Orders

One way to follow the history of any Army Unit is to see the written orders that involved such Unit. We are lucky that some of those orders were not completely lost and were in the hands of our Unit Veterans. We show them below  knowing that they will bring back memories to our past truckmasters and provide our present truckmasters a sense of pride in our Unit History. To those who had loved ones in our unit, you might find his/her name in our documents. 

"When a man or woman enters the Army he or she does more than just put on a uniform. That individual becomes part of this nation's senior service. Soldiers should be made aware of the Army's proud history. They need to know about the Army's needs, its growing pains, its adversities and its victories, its achievement in war and peace, and its place in the world of tomorrow.

Experience has shown that members of a military community are more effective when they understand and take pride in military traditions. By making soldiers feel that they are part of a unit, they can draw strength from the individuals who served before them. This phenomenon is esprit de corps."  ("I feel that Unit Reunions are essential in this effort"-Webmaster comment)


"Distinctive designations tend to reflect unit missions or the actions of an outstanding individual. The 24th Transportation Company, a truck unit, selected "Truck Masters," as its distinctive designation, and the 11th Military Intelligence Company chose the nickname "Wizards of War," referring to its special skills in technical intelligence."  From Organizational History, U.S. Army Center of Military History, 1999
I encourage past members of the unit to forward orders or documents relating to deployment to forward them to webmaster@24thtruckmasters.net  for inclusion in this page.



Notice service numbers prefixes. RA means Regular Army, US means draftee
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Assignment to 24th TC Ft. Eustis P1
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