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I was the last XO and PBO of the 24th Transportation Company (Med Trk), Cam Ranh Bay, RVN. My wife was the Vietnamese girl that managed the BOQ complex from at least Aug 71 - May 72 when the base was turned over to the Vietnamese military. Now she works for BG Creighton Abrams, Jr. (Ret.) who is the Executive Director of the Army Historical Foundation which is located in the AUSA building, Arlington, VA.

The question to every veteran is this: "Fifty years from now when we are all gone who is going to know what you did while in the Army?"  The answer is few.  All anyone in the family or friends may know is that their father, grandfather, neighbor, etc. served in the armed forces.  The foundation has developed a way to capture this information and make it available.  There is no cost. 

The first step is to go to  Second step is to click on Soldier's Registry.  Third step is to click on Search the Registry.  It is here that a page can be created for each person.  Being alive or dead, active, veteran or retired does not matter.  Also here people can search for others.  When a page is created, each person can write in the narrative section whatever they want.  It can be short or it can be long.  Anyone can look up my last name and see how my page is composed.  If anyone is interested and wants to include a picture, it must e sent to  or mailed to The Army Historical Foundation, Inc., 2425 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, ATTN:  Hoa McNabb. She will enter it into the appropriate page and return the photo.  Notethat this website does not tie into any Army website.  It does not tie into the Army's SIDPERS system.  Therefore if someone does not enter information on a person, nothing will be there.  The concept is that in the future someone visiting the museum to be built at Fort Belvoir can enter a person's name and read about their time in the military.  BUT, only if a page has been created.  A separate page can be developed for each Active, Reserve, Army National Guard, Confederate Army, or Army Air Corps soldier.  If a person spent some time in the Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, etc. and then joined a component of the Army, a page can be created.  However, if an individual's service was pure Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, etc. then a page is not warranted.

If anyone has a question, they can contact the foundation at the websites listed above or call 703-562-4163.

Samuel A. McNabb

LTC, U. S. Army (Ret,)