Were US Troops "Baby Killers?"

One of the biggest lies told of the US Troops in VietNam and echoed by people in the media was that we were a bunch of "baby killers." The real baby killers were those in the TV and newspapers who encouraged, in their reportage, the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Communists to keep fighting. They aided and abetted enemy forces, and caused many more deaths and untold suffering in the civilian population than would have ocurred had they reported the truth. When I came back from the War, roads and the countryside were being secured. I knew we were winning. However, the newspapers I read told me we were losing!

The article that you see below was written about the soldiers of the 24th Transportation Company, who gave up their time from those rare opportunities of getting some needed rest, to help a Buddhist Orphanage in Tuy Hoa. These are not the efforts of murderers or savages, but the efforts of "Real American Soldiers" who loved their fellow man and were fighting for freedom.

Rafael Morales, Webmaster