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We served in the war in Vietnam with honor and commitment to our nation and our brothers in the foxhole beside us. Proud that you made it home! Courage on the Mountain-
George Reischling
June 10,2020
Rutledge, Tennessee

I was with the 24th Transportation Co. Tuy Hoa March 67 to March 68.
Gary Lee Jackson
February 26,2020
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December 31,2019
December 21,2019

I was a member of the 24th Trans Company, Fort Riley, Kansas from Jan 92 - July 95. I was the communications specialist, {the only one} during that time. I deployed to Somalia with the 24th from Jan 93 - May 93.
Bobby Simpson
November 3,2019
Gadsden, Alabama

"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never know!" Vietnam- Courage on the Mountain-
George Reischling
November 1,2019
Rutledge, Tennessee

Served with the 24th August 71- April 72
Mark J Boch
September 18,2019
East Rochester New York

I was in the 24th from Jan 1975 to June 76. We managed the division's deployment to Germany for REFORGER and were also part of the Rapid Deployment Force through FORCE COM (although we never went anywhere). We were"non-Division" in WWII buildings way off the main post but it was great because we sort of did our own thing.
Leif Ortegren
July 6,2019
Petaluma, California

I was with HQ Co.,24th Transportation Battalion,Company in Fort Eustis when the Co rotated to Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam in 1966. I was 21 years old. I dont remember much more.
July 6,2019

I was part of Co. D. 51st Infantry. We were first loacted in Nha Trang Vietnam as a perimeter Rifle unit., then moved to Cam Rahn Bay in late 1970 thru Aug. 1971 when I was lucky enough to go home. We were gunners on Convoys and yet I can't even find a mention of my unit .. wonder if we were simply attached to a transportation unit and thats why? I don't suppose it matters at this stage of my life but it would sure be good to know where I fell into the history of Vietnam other than just some unknown guy who manned an M60 machine gun and made no difference. Anyone familiar with Co. D. 51st Infantry at that time ..
Ray C. Pitts
July 5,2019
Golden Valley, Az.

"TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW!" I came upon your site while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. Vietnam has left us all with many memories of those with whom we served and those who didn’t make it back. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. Awarded Purple Heart and three Bronze Stars with “V”. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Coming home was one of the most difficult parts of our tours. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide. It’s free to Amazon Prime members. Courage on the Mountain Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war. I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless! George Reischling Courage on the Mountain
George Reischling
June 28,2019
Rutledge, Tennessee

I was a member of the 24th Transportation Company in Cam Ranh Bay 1968 to 1969. I made a lot of friends and memories while serving there. I was a wheeled Vehicle Mechanic and wrecker operator. I served with Ricky Lee Swift and I've often wondered where he is and how he is doing. I returned to the 24th at the beginning of my second tour in Qui Nhon at the HHC 223rd Avn Bn. I was awarded 100% disability for life from my time in country. I do hope that everyone from the 24th made it home.
Robert M Ferguson
June 12,2019
Midwest City, OK

Hi all, I am the daughter of Ronald Gay. I believe he was part of the 24th Trans Co. during 1968. I am looking to chat with some people who may have known him during his time in the service. If you remember him and would like to share some memories, my email is I look forward to talking! Best, Lauren
Lauren Gay
April 26,2019
Marrlborough, MA

Does anyone remember Christopher Barnard, Cam Rahn Bay, 24th Truckmasters, 124th Transportation. He was there 1970-1971, passed away in 2005. I have lots of color pictures online. here is a link,
Kenneth Barnard
February 28,2019
United States

Does anyone remember Christopher Barnard, Cam Rahn Bay, 24th Truckmasters, 124th Transportation. He was there 1970-1971, passed away in 2005. I have lots of color pictures online. here is a link,
Kenneth Barnard
February 28,2019
United States

tel# 423-235-1165 cell. Jun 1970/sept 1971 Drove truck # 107 5 TON 442ND 1ST platoon cam-ranh-bay Ran most long runs some short runs . looking forward to here from all line haulers.I go to a reunion each year Vietnam vet line haul pigeon forge Tennessee.
Dennis Elkins
February 15,2019
319 clouds creek Rd. Rogersville Tn. 37857

Was in Phutai, Vietnam, 71-72, 597th trans., 8th Grp., 50 Cal Gunner on the King Cobra Guntruck, Nickname, Frenchie
Bruce Bourget
January 2,2019
Vasalboro, Maine 04989

Was there 82-83, had a blast on long trips to Elpaso, Tx n Cali.
Stephen Felix
December 14,2018

"To those who have fought for it, Life has a flavor that the protected will never forget!" 25th Infantry Division 69-70 Infantryman-Tay Ninh- -captivating
George Reischling
November 2,2018
Rutledge, Tennessee

Served 1982 to 1985. Served as squad leader and NBC NCO. Meet Great Men and Women. Roger D O'Cain was 1st SGT and Captain Melvin Banks from Hooks Texas. He was a proud Buffalo Soldier and Good Man.
John Lalli
October 25,2018
Grinnell Iowa

Served in the 24th late March 67 to March 15 1968. Does anyone have any info on Sgt. Arnold who was critically wounded coming down the mountain in the gun Jeep when Louis Springer was killed in the ambush. Would love to hear from fellow soldiers who were in the company during this time. email.
September 11,2018
Shelby N.C.

1967-1968 mistake at end
Charles A. Warren
September 6,2018
Washington, D.C.

I was fast boat to Vung Ro Bay. I was told I had to find my unit. I had a M-14 3clips of ammo. I was told the unit was in Tuy Hoa but it was in Phu Heip. You can find my name a the bottom of the Morning Reports which I type. Can tell more if we ever have a reunion, I am will be 69 Oct 2. When I got to the unit I was surprised to to see my my CO was Black and Harvard educated. Would love to just talk to someone 1967-1967. Change from 24th Trans Co. to 529th Trans Co. w
Charles A. Warren
September 6,2018
Washington, D.C.

Welcome everyone! I enjoy seeing all the comments! I hope others that know or worked with you come foward for people to reconnect is great! Thank you all for your service!!
Nils Klem
July 24,2018
United States

I was in 24th trans 81-82 I remember sgt Louis Metz I bought his car from him to get home & Took his dog home with me as well.
steve felix
July 21,2018

I was with 24 trans from june 95 to feb 96
July 2,2018
United States

I was in headquarters company 24th Transportation battalion. Anyone still looking at these pages?
Richard Messina
March 13,2018
Indianapolis Indiana

with the 24 from may 69 -70 new co george howell ,pops moringingstar,smith brothers, davis wva,
larry a budd
February 21,2018
logan ohio

new co george howell moringstar both the smith brothers,24 from may 1969 to may 1970, extended went to 670trans across road
larry a budd
February 9,2018
logan ohio

Looking for Montalvo... served with him 1971 cam ron bay... a good man, that I owe a lot... 7143107527
Mike nielsen
February 1,2018

Anyone here in the 24th in 1968, Cam Ranh Bay???
Charles D. Inman
January 25,2018
United States

I was a member of the 24th Trans Co from 1986-1988 anyone on here remember me? Write Me
Marty Hodges
December 9,2017

Drove fuel tanker from CRB. For the 360th trans from late 1970 to August 1971 To Ban Me Th out DaLat Boa Loc Phan Rang. A great group of guys. Welcome home.
Dave Burdick
August 12,2017
Watertown NY

Hi. Just found your website. I was CO of the 442nd (The Deuce) '70-'71 and am sure some of you 24th Vets would've been on some of my convoys to Ban Me Thuot, Dalat and Bao Loc. Best wishes for a happy and memorable reunion and I hope you're all living great lives as you earned it!
Bob Steinberg
July 18,2017
Glen Rock, NJ

I was a member of the 24th Trans Co from January 1980 to March 1983. I was a trainer on the M 915 tractor with 40' trailer. Where are you Tony Slater, John Lolli, Donnie Wallace, Ronnie Colvin, and the rest of the third herd...TRUCK-MASTERS SIR!!!!
Louis Metz
May 26,2017
Oak Grove, KY

I was with the 24th in the spring of '72. Started off manning a '60 on the deuce+1/2 guntrucks, did a couple guard duty nites out in the S. China Sea, on ordinance-loaded merchant freighters, and then spent most of my time hauling retrograde vehicles etc. up onto huge ships at the docks, and hauling worn out tires, tires, and more tires. I really wasn't there long- anybody else remember those times?
philip craig swalve
May 6,2017
freeport, illinois

"TO THOSE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT, LIFE HAS A FLAVOR THAT THE PROTECTED WILL NEVER KNOW!" I came upon your site while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for you. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. With your military background, you may find it interesting. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide I believe that you will relate to this true story of the fight for Nui Ba Den and the struggles and sacrifices that the soldiers who served their country in Vietnam endured. Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war. I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless! George Reischling
George Reischling
January 13,2017
Rutledge, Tennessee

Served in the 24th from June '70 to June '71. Truckdriver, gunner, drove 5 ton in convoy. Would like to hear from other platoon/company members. Can be reached at 618-487-5618.
Larry D. Stoneburner
December 31,2016
Beecher City, IL

I was with the 24th from June 69 to May 70. Started as a mechanic and then went to driving. Drove KW's until they took them from us and sent them to one of the other ompanies.
Ron Spearing
August 19,2016
Rockland, Maine

I was with the 24th trans in tuy hoa from August 1967 to August 1968 truck driver
David Paul tate
July 29,2016
McMinnville tenn

Larry E. Holloway
July 26,2016
Pocatwllo, IDAHO

572 trans co gypsy bandits 67-68. Drove the 40T KW's in convoy. Arrived in long bin left from Dong Ha. looking for others that served in the 572 during 68.
Rodger Fitzgerald
July 17,2016
Fresno ca

Tuy Hoa 1966-1967
Willie E. Hill
July 10,2016
Moreland, Ga

I was in the 564 transportation platoon ,We were in vung ro from nov 67 until I left in mar 68 We lived up on the side of the mountian between the bay and the guard shack . If you were in the 564 e-mail or call me @ 60 917 8479
james murphy
March 31,2016
Toomsuba Mississippi

served 1971,72 under Lt Hossitetler Sgt Berryhill i operated a gun jeep i hung out with Mike Whittle
gary williams
March 8,2016

Served at Cam Rahn Bay
Bobby Cowick
March 3,2016
Matthews, NC

Served 24th Transportation 5 ton convoys from Aug. '71 - Apr. '72.
Bobby Cowick
March 3,2016
Matthews, NC

Served with the 24th at Cam Ranh Bay from Sept 71 to May 72. I was dispatcher and driver of convoy commander jeep in convoys. I am looking for my party buds.
Rodney Hansen
February 14,2016
Omaha, Nebraska

Served with the best. 24th. Trans Cam Rahn Bay 69-70. Nickname at the time was Slim. Lost a lot of weight 1st. 3 months. Damn it was hot.....
Keith Branham
February 3,2016
Gray Court South Carolina

Served with the best. 24th. Trans Cam Rahn Bay 69-70.
Keith Branham
February 3,2016
Gray Court South Carolina

I served with the 24th trans co in Vietnam from 66-67 would really like to see a fifty year reunion
Richard tracy
December 4,2015
Richmond Mo

PltLdr/XO for Bravo Co. from 92-64. Just wanted to say hello to all who visit here and thank you to all that I served with. I was only successful because I was surrounded by the best!
Skip Stead
October 23,2015
Huntington Beach, California

To all the great soldiers of 2/2 HET and 24th Trans from 1995-2001, thanks for the good times.
Anthony Hemard 1SG, Retired
September 12,2015
Manhattan, KS

The 2015 24th Reunion went well and we anticipate more Alumni to be there for the 2016 6th annual Reunion. Please check photos for the Reunion on the 24th facebook page. Thanks from ole Retread!
Ronald Dunlap
July 19,2015
Winchester, Va.

Tuy Hoa, Vietnam 1966 to 1967
Willie E. Hill
July 7,2015
67 Lamb Rd Moreland, Ga 30259 7702510636

Hey guys served with 24 Trans in Somalia. Jan to June was messing around online and seen this site what up chesney carter Murphy klem hall retread wow prob don't rem me but looking back wow still keep in touch with al panos and Nora prafke would like to hear from you guys I suck on computer but I'll have my 17 year old daughter help me lol !!! Coming up on 25 years soon should do a reunion !!!!
Jack w hohenshel
June 2,2015
Midland pa

I am the daughter of Richard Morningstar (deceased). Missing him terribly on this Memorial Day. His name appeared in this thread via Google search. I know it's a long shot, but I am looking to connect with those who may have served with my father in Vietnam. He was originally from New Albany / Wyalusing, PA.
Heather Morningstar
May 25,2015
Emmaus, PA

I served with the 24th Trans from June 67 to June 68. The original group was rotating out in July 67. We did help at the Buddhist orphanage during my tour. Hauled munitions and supplies from Vung Ro Bay to the Air Force and Army bases. TET hit us hard in February 68. We had great convoy support from the 173rd Airborne which as right next to us in the Sub Area Command. Changed to the 529th in April or May of 68. Best Wishes to all who served.
Patrick C. Natale
April 28,2015
Summit, NJ 07901

574. -575-6556
Michael. J clark
April 23,2015
South bend

E4 Clark. 90 92. We went to Somali
Michael j Clark
April 23,2015
South bend. 1121 no olive 46628

Searching for friends who were assigned to 124th TC between 9/70-9/71.. Several of us worked at Port Docs. Mike O'Malley (Yakima, WA), Roger Villalobos (Los Angeles, CA), Our unit was within walking distance to the PX. Don't remember much more.
salvador alex villagomez
March 29,2015
Carmichael, CA

Sgt. Rodriquez in regard of your message of 30 April 2013. I very well remember you, I was in the 24th Jan. 1963-Sept. 1965. I was Sgt. Gantt of the 2nd. Platoons Jeep Driver. Happy to read you are still around. .
John Harper
February 24,2015
Anniston, Al.

Tua Hoa Aug 1966 to Aug 1967. I was in the advance party to set up camp for the 24th.We flew from Fort Bragg and landed in Saigon about 11 of us..Jeep driver for Jimmy Johnston,later machine gunner on patrol jeep and last 2 or 3 months motor pool clerk.Left in late aug 67 about last of the original company to leave
William (Bill) Thomas
January 22,2015
New London, Ohio

Anyone in Tuy Hoa in September 1966-august 1967
Willie Edward HILL
January 12,2015
Moreland, Ga 30259

24th transportation company in Tuy Hoa 1966-1967 look for a Eddy Eugene Washington
Willie Edward Hill
January 12,2015
Moreland, ga 30259

Just happened to come across this Site and to say Keep Up the Good Work. I belong to and Vietnam-Guntruck Site. Served in Vietnam as a 50 Cal Gunner on the King Cobra Guntruck during 1971-72, Stationed in Phutai, run Highway 19, so Take Care a Good Site, later Frenchie
Bruce K Bourget
January 7,2015
Augusta, Maine

I was a mechanic in 24th. served both of my deployments with this company 03-04 and 04-05, keep rollin truckmasters
Michael Tennie Lee Crabtree
January 6,2015
Clntwood, Va

I served with the 24th trans during 68 &69 first while we were at Vung Ro bay 35 miles south of Tuy Hoa air force base, the 24th was move back to Cam Runh Bay. I was the chaplin assistant for Chaplin Sttanton at Vung Ro and later for Chaplin Peter D Rodes at CRB do any one remember us?
Barry Lee Martin
December 10,2014
Carnesville Ga.

Served with the 24th Trans. Co from July of '67 to July of '68. Was a wrecker operator. Served during the transition from 24th Trans Co. to 529th. Proud to have served my country
Thomas J. Harley
December 6,2014
Simpsonville, SC

I'm looking for Harold D. Smith or James C. Smith 24th trans Co Cam Rahn Bay 1968 to 1970
George w. Popp
November 9,2014
Covington Ky

Served in nam with the 24th trans co.67, 68.
howard ryan jr
November 5,2014
norwich, ct

I was In the 24Th Infantry in Agusburg Germany with the 1St, and 34Th Infrantry. I drove am M54 5 ton truck.
Larry A. Gladden
October 26,2014
Mcewen , Tennessee.

I drove with the 290th QM in Cam Rahn Bay 1971-1972 - had a few friends in the 24th ( I was acting jack at driver school at Fort Ord) Also a few friends in the 360th . We were they guys you would see at My Ca check point hauling the locals to work from across the bay every day morning and night . We drove those Internationals - any of you guys remember us ?
Dennis Pointer
August 9,2014

I was in the 24th from 4/12/68 3/30/70
George w. Popp
June 10,2014
Covington Ky

I was a member of the 24th trans co from Sept 68 to Dec 69 stationed in Cam Rahn Bay. If there are any vets from that time I would really like to here from them.. Thanks
Rodney Torngren
June 8,2014
Waterford, Wis

dec66-dec67 tentmates wyatt long dawson Holloman piercie clark figgers call 727-526-9293
don dunn
June 2,2014
st pete fl

Served with the 24th 67-68, Tuy Hoa, Viet Nam.
Robert Keitz
May 3,2014
Port Orange, Florida

April 5,2014
793 4th ave berlin nh 03570 tell-1 603 752 6508

I was there with the 24th May 68-69. I was a mechanic (63B20) and drove the wrecker when we went out on convoy. I had a pet monkey I called Jr. and kept him in a big walk in cage at the motorpool during the day, but took him home at night to keep him warm. Doe's anyone remember these times?
James Edward Martin
March 28,2014
Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

I was co from jan 70 to july 70. I remember the attack on south beach. cp gresdo and I were on top of operations building looking for targets. would like to make reunion. mobility problems might be a prob.
george howell
March 22,2014
toms river new jersey

Arrived in Tuy Hoa in July 1967 .
Robert Dale Strimple
March 6,2014
High Springs , Florida

nils klem
January 1,2014
Junction city

countryboy and slowmotion hope to see you there in 2014
November 29,2013
ardmore ok

I served in the 24th TC, April 1985 to Nov 1986. I was the 3rd Platoon Leader. Loved this unit, the 541st Maintanence Battalion and the Big Red One.
Frank Grosskreuz
November 23,2013
Lavaca, AR

Hello everyone...I was the company clerk...May 70 to April 71.......hello to all. Our company photo..I am in front row..right to left number 3....hope everyone is still kicking.
Donnie wills
November 15,2013
Waverly, Tn

Ed I will be going through your city soon and will look you up
ronnie walker
November 2,2013
wichita falls texas

October 23,2013

Ronnie Walker I posted a picture of the conpany at the motorpool are you on the truck bed on the right i on the top row .I do remember a little about that night when the shell came in.I was out side by the bar we had . in full gear
Ed Tittle
October 22,2013
Tomball Texas

anyone out there remember the attack on Southbeach Cam Rahn on the 12th of March 1970. They were lots of guys there that night working.anyway I have some pics of the KWs we had and some of the guys of the 24th.
Ronnie Walker
October 22,2013
Wichita Falls Texas

Ed Tittle I remember you Red headed dog, you were in the same outfit that I was I just saw were you had made a comment and it clicked give me a shout
Ronnie Walker
October 22,2013
Wichita Falls Texas

I think my sarg was named January, and I remember a sarg named Deberry.. Cole I was there at the same time you was but I don't recall you.
Ronnie walker
October 22,2013
Wichita Falls Texas

I was in the 24th trans. from Jan.1970 until Dec. 1970 would like to hear from some guys that were there at the time in CRBay
ronnie alvin walker
October 22,2013
wichita falls texas

SGT Taylor! I was in 2nd platoon back then. First at Forsyth then we moved on the Hill, though the motor pool was still in Forsyth. Got out went to school and studied theater. I'm an actor and am known as Keith Randolph Smith. I hope you're well! Thanks for taking care of this young troop back in the day!!
Keith Smith
October 2,2013

July 6,2013

Served as CO of the 24th at Cam Ranh Bay during the period July '70 to Jan '71. Anyone coming to the 2013 reunion from that time with the 24th?
Paul Gardiner
June 30,2013
Hoschton, GA

Hey every one, I server with the 24th trans doing the ROTC Camp at Ft Riley, KS from June -Aug 80 as SSG Cook and June-Aug 81 as SFC Cook Truckmaster both years and I am still in Milford The wife and I will attend the reuion this year. SEE YOU THERE.
Cook Avortia
June 28,2013
Miford, KS

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Kataleah Smith
June 6,2013
New Jersey, NY

I served with the 24th Trans Co 1962-1964 fort bragg NC as a Platoon Sgt and a Training NCO. Good Luck with your reunion,I served in Vietnam with 572th Trans co
sebastian rodriguez
April 30,2013
7118 Glen creek San antonio,Tx 78239

April 30,2013
793 4TH AVE BERLIN NH 03570

I was with the 24th Trans. Battalion, HQ company from May 68 -May69. The first 6 months were in Vung Ro Bay and the last 6 in Nha Trang. If anyone was same place same time please email me
greg sands
April 24,2013
clinton township,michigan

served in Nam form 1967 to 1968. Ran the motor pool in Tuy Hoa
Alvor Earl Brown
April 13,2013

I serverd in the 24th 1954 - 1955. Bamberg
William Walsh
April 8,2013
St.Albans, VT

Thomas cole
March 29,2013
west kentucky

Is this the 24th Trans Co (duce 1/2) that for a few years was based in Tuy Hoa, RVN? For some the Army took that designation away, re-named us the 529th trans Co & took the 24th to Cam Rahn so they could be 5-tons. I left in July '68 as a Sgt.
James R. Engel
March 29,2013
Albany, OR

I read about your reunion in Legion Magazine. I have listed the reunion on our Gun Truck site I was in the 585 and 359 TC 66/67 and 68/69 stationed in Phu Tai (Qui Nhon) and Pleiku Yhanks for your service and most of all WELCOME HOME
John Dodd
March 21,2013
Hinesville, Va

Just trying to locate old friends
David Mueller
March 7,2013
Severna Park, Md.

Richard Lambert I have a picture of Morningstar leaving Co. area on his last day.This is jogging my memory.You were in the KW bunch with Cowboy and Jellybelly. Who can remember real names?
Robert Baker
March 5,2013

Just thinking about my time with the unit in Viet Nam.June 15,1969 through June 15,1970.A long time ago in A land far away.
Robert Baker
March 5,2013
Concord, California

You can contact me on Facebook.
Don Wisniewski
March 5,2013
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Served with the 24th T.C. for a short time in 1967.
Don Wisniewski
March 4,2013
24 T.C. Tuy-Hoa

Just came across this web page and just seeing the words 24th Trans. brought back a lot of great memories.I was stationed there during 1984-1985,got married to a fellow truckermaster SSG Virgil Saunders,I am very interested in coming to the next reunion any information will be greatly appreciated....thanks...
Teresa L.Cox
February 14,2013
Mobile Alabama

Hello my father is looking for anyone who served in the 24th trans co. During 1970-1971. Known as "fig" under sergeant jones please contact me email thank you god bless you all. you are appreciated!! Pics available.
Hector figueroa
January 28,2013
Los Angeles Ca

I was with the 24th TC, 24 TBn, 124th TC, 1st Log, Cam Ranh Bay, from July 1968 to January 1970. Thanks to all who served there. I was a 5 ton S & P driver on the docks later parts clerk. I designed the Bn patch. Would like to cantact others I served with especially Hazelett and Powerpack. Have plenty of pictures.
Robert Cooley
January 14,2013
Robinson, Illinois

I was honored to serve with the 24th Trans Co. in RVN 4/71-4/72.Randall Peters was C.O.,Lt. McNabb was X.O. and 1st Sgt Manning were all superb leaders with sterling character.May God bless my comrades.
Rodney Hickman
January 9,2013
Big Sandy,Montana

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Joyous New Year! I hope all who read this show up at the 2013 Reunion. Safe travels to all near and far and may all be reunited with their families soon.
nils klem
December 21,2012
junction city,ks

I was stationed at 24th trans from 1992-1995 and part of Somalia from Jan. 1993 thru July of 1993. Its nice to see the sight up and hi to everyone from the good old days.
Allen Buck Jr
November 12,2012
Gas City Indiana

Hey to all !! Especially Retread. Served from Jan.93- to July 93 in Somalia. Raised ALOT of Hell. Was young, but dang what a great time that was. Great website here. Hope all is doing well. Chesney.
Damon Chesney
October 29,2012

Michael Anthony Curet
October 22,2012
Omaha, Nebraska

We were very blessed to have met all of y'all! You all are amazing people and we loved hearing all of your stories! My family is very blessed to have had the opportunity to be apart of the reunion and to meet you! Thank you for coming and allowing all of us the opportunity to apart of your lives! -Tiffany Levosky-
Tiffany Levosky
August 24,2012
Fort Riley, KS

was in the unit in 1995 as a 63s
jeffrey b mott
August 23,2012
hopatcong nj

Thanks to all our Vet's past and present who showed up for this reunion. It was my pleasure and my soldiers pleasure to show you the capabilities of a M1070 HET and how to Winch equipment on and off. It was great seeing all of you and can't wait till next year!
SSG Puett, Timothy
August 6,2012
Fort Riley

i had a great time being apart of the reunion for 24th trans. i volunteered to be there and had a great time hearing stories. it was a pleasure to show you all the new capabilities of 88M. hope to hear from you guys soon.Take Care! -SPC Torres
Giselle Torres
August 5,2012
Fort Riley,KS

The reunion was a big success! My wife and I had the most amazing time . Thanks Retread and the 24 th Transportation Company for creating something special!
nils klem
August 5,2012
junction city,ks

My heart goes out to you all that are in harms way doing a job that I loved so much
Jerry D Owens Jr
June 11,2012
San Antonio TX ( Ft Sam Houston)

This is my 1st time on this website and it is put together very well I must say... HOOAH!!!
Andrea J. Odom
June 9,2012
Fort Riley, Kansas

I am looking for anyone who served in Cam Rahn Bay during 1966 & 1967 from the 24th Trans co. I am trying to verify that my co and motor pool where located approximately 2 miles down the beach from main post.
Tim Wasik
May 25,2012
Chandler, TX

I have 45 photos of ourtime in Viet Nam which I have posted on my Facebook page (Don Brockway) I'll try to upload them here too. Whose still here from 1966-68?
Don Brockway
May 22,2012

Served in the 24th Trans (Ft. Riley, KS), from Dec 91-July 95. Deployed to Somalia Jan 93-June 93.
Bobby W. Simpson
May 16,2012
Gadsden, Alabama

you are so right rafael. Freedom is by no means free and they will not be Forgotten!!! that is really a great tribute..
charles taylor jr.
May 11,2012
Mesquite, Tx

Served 1970/1971 360th trans petro out of Cam Rahn Bay up and down coast and into highlands. Just found site and brings back many memories .Best wishes to all
Dave Burdick
May 1,2012

I served in the 244th Trans in 72, We turned in a lot of equipment atclosing of 24th Trans,when they took us out, we stayed in a airforce hanger, I had the honar to gaurd the records. Untill we got reasigned.
Ricky W. Aagesen
April 27,2012
Colorado, Yuma

mr dunlap you will have to bear with me as i am not to computer literate. the Army forced me to use the computer to do tng schedules in 88 while i was assigned to the USAR inNJU as a tng NCO. ifn it hadnt mbeen for that i wouldnt know this much. there are a lot of guys that i was with back in days and some of them still live around that area.I did get in touch with Tony Skotchelas and we will do our best to get out there. i was at desert storm log base echo. Retired after 22 years sfc and my second retirement 101/2 as a Federal Reserve Law Enf Officer with the Federal Reserve Bank of would really be great to see the old timers from the Camp Forsythe 24th that lived one hill with the mp down the hill.i see the BRO got all ofm the 24th on the hill sure looks nice. appreciate your offer and again great job on this web site!!!!
charles taylor
April 20,2012
Mesquite, Tx

served with 24th from 12-76 to 06-80. Good to see your still at keith smith. we went from 52's to 915's. 2 trips to gallup, nm.did i see the 24th has hets. What a change. keep up the great work Truckmasters!!!
charles taylor
April 19,2012
Mesquite, Tx

great job on the web site
charles taylor
April 19,2012
Mesquite, Tx

I served in the 24th from 1977-1979
Keith Smith
April 7,2012
New York, NY

Actually seved from Oct 67.Much more in tune with stone tablets than keyboards. GO 24
Ed Richardson
April 6,2012

I served with the 24th from Oct 68 until the we got the 5 tons .The 24th in Tuy Hoa became the 529th., and the 529th became the 24th and got the 5 tons. It was a paper transfer no personnel were moved. GO 24.
Ed Richardson
April 6,2012

Great to see everyone. I was in 24th Trans from 91 to June 1995. My wife Vickie was there from 92-94. Ridgerunner / COD
John Crowder
April 4,2012
Salt Lake City, Utah

Today, March 30, has been declared as Vietnam Veterans Day. I just want to say thank you to all my fellow 24 trans vets from Cam Rahn Bay. Hope you all are well. As for me, I had surgery for prostate cancer a little over 8 years ago. VA figures agent orange caused it. It came back in my bones about 1 1/2 years later and is now something I live with. Feeling great and the VA clinic takes good care of me. Classified as 100% and permanent. If you have any medical problems, don't be afraid to check with VA to see if they will take care of you. You earned it.
Richard Lamberts
March 30,2012
Jenison, Michigan

Ed, I left at the end of Jan, 1970. We probably crossed paths over there. At that time I was driving the KW. Of course at that time I was probably like other short timers and just harassing the new guys. :) Thanks for serving.
Richard Lamberts
March 18,2012
Jenison, Michigan

I Served with the 24th in Vietnam in 12-69 to12-70 in cam ranh bay . I have a company picture at the motor pool of the 24th trans co in 1970
ED Tittle
March 14,2012
Tomball tx

i was in tuy hoa in 1966&67
March 10,2012

I served with the 24th in VietNam in 70&71 in Camh Ran Bay. If anyone has any pictures from that time period.I would appreciate if you could possible e=mail some to me. Especially if you knew Rainmaker,Snoopy, or Schroeder.
Harold Scott
March 10,2012
Euclid Ohio (cleveland area)

Served with pride with the 24th in Cam Rahn Bay April or 69 through Jan of 70. Still remember driving the KW we had there. Still wonder what happened to a few of the guys I served with. George White, Irv Stelling, and Richard Morningstar in particular.
Richard Lamberts
March 10,2012
Jenison, Michigan

24th Trans Co, Cam Rahn Bay '69-'71
jack mazurek
March 6,2012
madison, wi

Is this the same comapy that was staioned in gissen germay doing the 80's and 90's i servered with the 95th chemical comapny and was station in the same base if so
Brian Briggs
March 1,2012
Macomb IL

Neat site. That's my write-up of the "Demon-King-Pin" on the prior page. Was 'Nam 67-68. It would be great if I could one of those recent shoulder patches......... jimmer
James R. Engel
February 26,2012
Albany, OR

I just came across this article in the Reunions section of the VVA magazine about the 24th Transportation Co. I was taken by surprise. I do think about the 24th everytime I see a military vehicle but never thought of it being stateside or any other place but in Nam. Did the 24th originate at Ft. Riley? I was with the 24th Transportation Co., 1st Log. Command, Tuy Hoa, Vietnam (67-68) . It was a time to build on and to remember the good & bad but never thought of the 24th's origin. I couldn't help but to feel a touch of pride reading about the service and accomplishments of the soldiers in your 24th. Keep up your good service.**** When did the 24th help out an orphanage in Tuy Hoa ?
Robert Burford
February 9,2012
Houston, TX

Use to be and 24th trans back in the early ninety's with Nils Klem
Rob Hall
February 4,2012
Van Wert oh 45891

arrived at my last unit b4 I retired Jan 01, was a recruiter in Topeka (my hometown) b4 that so drove back and forth everyday. was 3rd Plt Sgt for over a yr then was Operations SGT when we deployed to Iraqi Freedom Mar 03. Took my wife to go by the unit just a couple weeks ago and I guess it moved Top of the Hill
SSG (RET) Guy A. Liberty
January 30,2012
Topeka, KS

I was apart of 24 for a few years. I had a lot of fun while in the unit. I miss being a part of a team. I was there from 2003-2006 24 rules!!
Spc Dan Monday
January 30,2012
Carey, Oh

I missed 24th Trans. I deployed with them on 2007.
Rainier Genova
January 23,2012
Fort irwin, CA

Thanks 1SG for that info and update and congradulations to your NCO's for their outstanding acomplishments. Good luck at the next level and Truckmasters second to none. The 24th always had soldiers who could at anytime take the next step and be a great leader. The soldiers of 24th Trans Co. are the best and in my opinion always will be. From ole Retread!!
Ronald E. Dunlap Jr.
January 15,2012
Winchester, Va.

24TH Transportation Company Soldiers were just selected as Battalion and Brigade NCO and Soldier of the Quarters. They will compete at the 1st Infantry Division Board on January 25th. Go Truckmasters..!!
1SG Mann
January 15,2012
Fort Riley, KS

Thanks Ivan for your post and your support. Even after all these years I can still count on you and you have not lost a beat. I wish everyone else was the same especially Desert Storm Comrades who I wish we could hear more from. Ivan you are one of the best and thanks from ole Retread!
Ronald E. Dunlap Jr.
January 9,2012
Winchester, Va.

happy new year to all 24th trans comreads old and new. say get on bord and come to the 2012 reunion and have fun talking about old time and good time.hope to see you all ther.
ssg worthington ivan
January 8,2012
celeste texas

Great job on the website! I look forward to seeing everyone in Aug - we gotta have a trk rodeo!!
Renee MacDonald
January 2,2012

Good to see the site
John Crowder
December 28,2011
Sandy, UT

I would like to wish every one a very safe Holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. I look forward to attending the next reunion.
James R. Doll
December 22,2011
Manhattan, Kansas

As we approach another new year and hope for better times, I want to wish 24th trans Co. soldiers, friends, families, and comrades a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We enter another year full of challenges and missions and as always the 24th is the front runner. Please stay safe and as always the 24th extended family of everyone wishes you always a safe mission in your defense of our country. No matter what your mission is or your challenges are the 24th Alumni will be there for you. Thank you from ole Retread!
Ronald E. Dunlap Jr.
December 22,2011
Winchester, va.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the 24th personnel from a friend of Rafael Morales. Thank you for your service
Antonio Gomez
December 21,2011
miami, fl

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 24th trans past and present!!!God Bless
Brian Mclaran
December 21,2011
Barstow, Ca

Happy Holidays!
Dannel Mayhall (Burk)
December 21,2011
Rockwall, Texas

GOD BLESS all of the past and present troops of 24 TRANS Co. Rock Steady and keep those wheels turning ! HOAH
Lloyd A. Scott
December 20,2011

I was in 24th tRANS in 1987-1992 my platoon SGT was SFC Alfredlee Williams. He was our first sergeant doing dessert storm.
Lloyd A.Scott
December 20,2011
forestville Maryland

God bless you all. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. May the Lord keep u safe and sound. Merry Christmas!
Victoria Raele
December 16,2011
Miami, FL

marry charstmas
worthington ivan r ssg
December 14,2011
celeste texas

I was in 24th from 90-92 and served in Desert Storm. I came back to Ft Riley in 94 and was the 5th person assigned to HET when they were starting it up. I want to will everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Marty Yong
December 14,2011
Omaha, NE

I was with the (2-Fo') 24th Trans Co from December 1989 thru February 1992. I was the Commo Specialist for the unit and deployed with them during Operation Desert Storm/Shield/Provide Hope. Hope all of the current and past 24th Trans Co Soldiers have a wonderful holiday season. Take care.
SFC Kim L. Davis
December 11,2011
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

Have a Happy Happy & a Merry Merry
John W. Boggs
December 10,2011
wherever my Pete takes me

Wishing all past and present members and families the very best, during this Holiday season. May we find peace with ourselves and others.
Jon Connors
December 10,2011
Osceola, Missouri

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 24th Comrades from ole Retread! Nice job Rafael on reorganizing the webpage. Hopefully more people will sign the guest book. Thanks Rafael for your hard work and dedication from ole Retread!
Ronald E. Dunlap Jr.
December 10,2011
Winchester, Va.

I would like to wish a Merry Christmas to the men and women and families of the 24th TC. past and present. It has been a wonderful year with allowing us to set up the reunion and all. I just hope this next year will be even more special with many more comrades joining us. So lets wish for a safe and peaceful New Year for everyone. Take care and God Bless!
Nils Klem
December 3,2011
junction city,ks

Hello everyone : ) It has been a long time. I am still in and looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things as a civilian in May. I hope I can make it to the next reunion. Gatorbait : )
Stephen Carter
November 27,2011
Orlando Florida

Sorry it took me so long to get over here , it's been a long couple of months trying to get caught up on everything . I like the webpage it's great ,a big thanks to everyone that made it happen .
Kenneth M. Murphey
November 27,2011
Pace , FL

I was attached to 24th trans out of A.I.T during desert storm, and was very proud to be a part of 24th trans
Brian McLaran
November 27,2011
Barstow, ca

Thanks Samuel for your comments and support of the 24th Trans Co. Your story is really something and I am honored to hear it. I hope by using this webpage page and our Facebook page I hope you can find and locate more of your Comrades. Welcome back to the 24th Trans Co. and will look forward to seeing you at the annual Reunion. Thanks for sharing your memories and if you have any pics please include them to. Thanks again from ole Retread!
Ronald E. Dunlap Jr.
November 25,2011
Winchester, Va.

My time with the company was from Nov 71 to Apr-May 72. My branch was Infantry. I was the last XO and PBO of the 24th Trans at Cam Ranh Bay. At the end, CPT Randall Peters and I were the only officers left. I am the one who took the property book and supporting documents to Long Binh to complete the standdown of the unit. Since the USAF base at Cam Ranh had closed a day or two earlier, I had to fly to Nha Trang and hitch hike without a weapon back to the base. My new unit was Co D/51st Inf. I believe the 24th Trans Co was the last surface transportation unit between Newport and Qui Nhon to standdown. The 24th Trans Bn and the 124th Trans Cmd were already gone. Just before the Cam Ranh Army base was turned over to the Vietnamese, the few remaining Army units were relocated to the former US Navy facility on the west side of the Cam Ranh Air Force Base. It would be good to hear from anyone who served in the unit during my time.
Samuel A. McNabb
November 24,2011
Stafford, VA

This is a great website, thank you for all the hard work. I had a great time at the reunion and so did my family. Thank you, Dunlap, for staying dedicated to your dream of gettting all of us back together.
Mitchell Hogan
October 22,2011
Junction City, KS

This we site was beautifully put together. I am Vietnam Vet, served 2 tours but wasn't assigned to the 24th truckmasters. I tried to reenlist back in the late 60's cause I wanted to be in a Transportation unit but was sent into a service and recovery mos. I have a good friend that was in the 24th truckmasters and attended the 2011 reunion. Keep up the good work on this website, It is excellent.
Archie Moore
October 9,2011
Junction City, Ks 66441

Served with pride in the 24th in Vietnam 66 - 67
Ronald E Sigel
October 7,2011
Ocean View, DE

I want to welcome all that come here. We would appreciate your comments. Have a great day!
nils klem
October 5,2011
junction city,ks