A very personal note from the Webmaster:

For many years I was both blessed and fortunate to have been trusted by my fellow Veterans of VFW Post 10212 with the position of Post Chaplain. This was the beginning of a journey of love and faith that led me to prepare for, and be commissioned as, a Lay Ecclessial Minister in the Archdiocese of Miami. In the beginning of becoming a Post Chaplain my objective was simple. To observe the proper piousness and decorum in all the prayers that I was tasked to lead during the meetings. I felt that such was my duty as a practicing Catholic. I wanted to thank the Lord for the wonderful marriage and family life that I enjoyed. I wanted to give; instead, I received tenfold in the brotherly love of my fellow veterans and their spouses. I dare to say, I touched their hearts and souls.

Jose Forte was one of the members of my Post. He had served in the Army Infantry in Vietnam. When he arrived in country, he was given a small prayer book by his Division Catholic Chaplain. He carried it in his backpack through many combat patrols, firefights, monsoon rains, heat, mud and all the hell of war during his year's tour of duty. One day he gave me the book thinking the prayers would help me in my Chaplain duties. He was a devoted family man, an upright citizen and a man of faith. Most of all, he loved the freedom he enjoyed in his adopted country. Born in Cuba, he knew that freedom was worth fighting for. Jose died several years ago after a long battle with cancer. Exposure to Agent Orange took him from us prematurely.

The stains that you see in the pages are not a fancy graphic design. They are the sweat, wetness and dirt from the hands of an Infantry soldier. I have always treasured this prayer booklet as one of the finest gifts I have ever received. The prayers were written for Catholic men. However, many can be easily adapted for women and other religious persuasions in our Judeo-Christian tradition. I share it with the 24th TC family, veterans, members of the Armed Forces and whoever visits our website. Deep in my heart, I believe that when I read one of the prayers, Jose prays with me from Heaven.

God Bless You

Rafael Morales



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